Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy

Integrity is a core value of Regal Avenue and we are staunchly committed to it.

Integrity in our business is as important as the integrity of our diamonds and of our jewelry. We are committed to ensuring that all our employees as well as communities who are involved in our business, benefit from our safe and responsible business practices. Right from the procurement of diamonds, to the time that our jewelry is delivered to our customer, we are focused on integrity, and ethical business practices.

All Diamonds used in our jewelry are lab-grown diamonds hence they are always conflict free. Each diamond we use is handcrafted with precision. We understand our customers. They buy our jewelry as a symbol of their love and will cherish and wear the jewelry their whole lives. And then these exquisite pieces may pass down to future generations, a story that connects the family history. We understand the love while making these purchases. And that is why, we have selected to work only with lab grown diamonds as these diamonds are created with utmost respect for the mother earth as well as all the living inhabitants they touch along their journey.

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